Message to Teens

If you’re looking for a place to build great friendships, feel accepted regardless of who you are or what you've done, and want to learn about your intended purpose in life, come visit us at Vital Link! 

So many of us have questions about why we exist, is God real, why do bad things happen, and why do we even need to know about Jesus? If that sounds like you,  come check out one of our student services that are packed with games, laughs, and a message that aims to inspire you to want to live for something greater than this world. God loves you and wants a relationship with you. Vital Link is here to show you that!

Now you may be thinking, “I don’t want to go to a corny, lame church event.” I completely agree, because if it was lame… I’d want to leave too. I hate lame and cheesy and make it my goal to lead a group that is everything but that! Give us a try – bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable. All are welcome…
I look forward to meeting you!

Pastor Orin

What's Happening Now

Sermon Series

We will be looking at the Parables of Jesus to discover lessons that He wanted us to know for this period of time in our world's history. Join us Sunday nights on Zoom for these talks.


Coming Up

This event is postponed, but will take place once we are able to join together again. We are looking at some time this summer. Stay Connected for more info.


Gauntlet is Back!!! Join us Sunday nights for insane competition and the chance to win a trip to Hershey Park on June 30th. It will be an awesome time... Don't miss out!



What they Say?

I enjoy Vital Link because the people are always so welcoming and everyone there are like family to me.

Ashleigh H.


What they Say?

It's a break from the sometimes negative influence of the world and a chance to be surrounded
by other young believers... an amazing atmosphere for spiritual growth.

Kyle D.


What they Say?

It's a place where you can meet people that love on everyone who walks through the door.

Carly B.


What they Say?

I love coming to Vital Link because it is fun. I love to hang out with friends there and
I think of it as my home away from home.

Luke C.


Orin Redmond

CHampion Cat Herder

Orin's dream job (other than being a youth pastor) would be the International Spokesperson for nature's greatest carbonated beverage (the Dew). He loves fast walks on the beach, loud explosions, and a good game of shoot the person in the face with a Nerf gun. Orin has two amazing children, Noah (the next great scientist that will be put in charge of saving the world from the most horrific evil villain) and Baylie (the future most horrific evil villain). He also has a wonderful wife, Kiersten, that is now an expert at dealing with sarcasm and corny jokes.

Kiersten Redmond

Spider Hunter

Kiersten spends her days dealing with the complaints and whining of two little children (3 if you count her husband). She works for a privately owned post-auditing company and loves spending time hiking or running outdoors. Her favorite place to vacation is anywhere with a coastal beach and warm temperatures. Kiersten currently struggles with an addiction to Oreos and watching cheesy reality television.

Matthew Hemphill

Friend of Cows, Enemy of Chickens

Matthew is currently pursuing a degree at Lancaster Bible College and believes that we should serve as Jesus served by standing out and loving others. He believes that blending in and following the crowd is not an option for disciples of Christ. Matthew enjoys serving in all kinds of ministries. For hobbies, he loves to read and is a major Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek. Matthew is also a soccer enthusiast and is always looking for a good pick-up game. If you look to the north on cold moonlit nights, you might be able to see the image of a soccer superstar dressed as Chewbacca, while reading a thick
Sci-Fi novel. If you do...... that's not him, because he is not a fan of reading outdoors on cold nights.

Sarah Gorham

The Mandalorian Mama

Sarah is married to her hardworking husband, Jason, and the mother of her wonderful daughter, Hannah. Sarah is an avid reader and one of the biggest Batman fans you will meet. Whether it is watching the movies, reading comics, or playing the Arkham series, she basically sees life through the eyes of a "Bat." Sarah also loves to cook and is addicted to buffalo chicken anything... so if you find buffalo chicken flavored toothpaste, let her know. Sarah believes she has ADH........ is that a crab trap behind her in the picture......... oh wait, D...... ADHD. She doesn't see this as a flaw, but more of a super power. If you see Sarah, feel free to ask her any question you have. Her life is an open book.

Colin mcGee

The Stranger Thing

Colin has lived in Maryland for the past 11 years of his life. Prior to living in this boating community, he was a beach bum in the sunny state of Florida. Colin has 3 brothers, one older and two younger. In fact, when providing facts for this bio, he humbly admitted that he considers himself to be the best looking of the bunch. His good looks and love of the beach/water helped him with his Hollywood role as 4th backup to Jason Momoa's stunt double in Aquaman. Colin also considers himself to be smarter than the average bear (more humility...), just like his life role model, Yogi Bear (Pic-a-nic basket anyone?). Aside from all of that, Colin has a true servant's heart and loves to help out wherever help is needed. He also loves working with children and teens and teaches Sunday school for grades K-2nd.

Ian McGee

The eagle

Ian loves nature and camping. He also loves serving the community through events like City Serve, Food Pantry, AA County Food Bank, and others. His passion for all of these, fueled his motivation to join the Boy Scouts and earn Eagle rank in May of 2017. Ian's hobbies include engaging in technology and photography, specifically of sunsets and various landscapes. His favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Norman gregory

mad scientist

Norman likes the outdoors and keeping busy but, he has no problem just hanging out too.  He is a firm believer that people should treat others the way they would like to be treated.  Norman also believes that if you see someone who needs help, you should do what you can to help.  He thinks both of these examples speak to the main teachings of Jesus, LOVE... Unconditional Love.  He believes he is one of those guys that has more questions than answers, although he is a pretty smart guy.

Timothy Hemphill

Undercover Ninja

Timothy is a cat lover, aspiring architect, crafting hobbyist, and follower of Christ. He loves to make things with his hands; anything from leather craft to woodworking. He is in his second year of college attending AACC, studying architectural design and landscape architecture. Timothy has a strong desire to deepen his relationship with his Savior and he works to pass on his experiences to students by working closely with the middle school boys group and meeting the technical needs of the youth band.

Emily Follin


Emily is the youngest or three siblings in her family. She has two older sisters who are both married. She was raised in a Christian home and became a follower of Jesus Christ at the age of 6. Emily currently serves in church and is a member of the worship team. She plays the meanest flute this side of the Chesapeake and has a deep appreciation for all types of music. Emily also loves children and animals.... and children that act like animals. Emily works at an elementary school for an after-school care program and aspires to be an early childhood education teacher one day. Emily's heart is currently occupied by the true love of her life which she would not be able to manage or cope without................... her dog. Emily is also dating Colin, the Stranger Thing himself. Join me in welcoming Emily to the Vital Link Leadership Team.

Stephen Swarthout


Stephen is the husband of a great woman and father of two unbelievable children. He was born and raised in Long Island, NY, but moved to Maryland in the 8th grade. He is very active in missions and children's ministry. He works as an electrician in Baltimore and loves sports in his free time. Stephen is a huge Yankees, Jets, and Capitals fan #ALLCAPS... He also loves DC comics and believes they are better than Marvel (Wait what?... I guess this is proof we are all broken people). His favorite portion of scripture is Matthew 28:18-20 and he also enjoys studying about King David.

Katie Swarthout

Confidence killer

Katie is married to her super hero of a husband, Stephen, and has two incredibly cute kiddos. She has been attending RTBC since before she was born and is heavily involved in ministry. Katie loves llamas, cold brew coffee, and taking walks around the forest. She is also a huge contributor to Target, not the Target Foundation, just Target, and is one of the primary financial supporters that keeps the local Annapolis store open. If you are ever on a road trip with Katie, don't listen to her for directions, since she possesses horrendous navigational instincts.

Want more info first?


Call: (410) 798-4868

Address: 475 W. Central Ave. Davidsonville, MD 21035