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Vital Link takes part in a number of fun events throughout the year including trips to the trampoline park, Super Bowl parties, rafting, amusement Parks, semi-professional sports games, camps/conferences to RVR and Big Beach Weekend, and more. We also have events during the last Friday of each month called "Final Friday." Below is a list of the themes for Final Friday each month of the year.

January - Video Game Night
February - Hockey
March - Film & Theology
April - 30-Hour Famine
May - End of School Year Bash
June - Pool Party
July - Scavenger Hunt
August - Slip'n'Slide Kickball
September - Students vs. Parents Olympics
October - Costume Party & Nerf Wars
November - 2nd Thanksgiving &  Games
December - NYE5

Come out and join us... all are welcome, so bring a friend!